Sal Ferrari is a serial entrepreneur from the age of 17 when he became one of the youngest realtors in US history, passing the New York real estate exam at the age of 17 He has a vast experience ranging from start-up companies in the tech space, such as his project Zombie Homes available on the Apple App Store, to Safe Guard, a virtual reality safety software. He has an extensive background in real estate, going back over 20 years. He has owned, managed, built, and renovated a large portfolio of residential and commercial properties.

In 2006 when the housing market crash happened he started Amerimod which grew to become one of the largest modification companies in America in two years. He had built it to almost 1,000 employees at its peak.

In 2011 he purchased 50% equity in a 5 year old company called Vinmar and Associates, a company with less than $50,000 a year in revenue. In one year after purchase, he had brought their revenue to over $1 million. 12 years later the company, now Prestige Worldwide IND Corp., after multiple mergers and acquisitions is now valued over $50,000,000 Utilizing his understanding of safety and vigorous regulations he attended Rutgers University in 2015 and 2019 for OSHA Industry Outreach Training  and became an OSHA 501 general industries trainer. He has streamlined the company and now has created an over 75% margin for that company. He currently holds over a dozen certificates and licenses related to safety.

Inventing the patented 3D printer ARCS (autonomous robotic construction system) for homes is the culmination of years of learning safety, and applying it with innovation towards the housing industry.

Mr. Ferrari FKA Enzo Pagani FKA Salvatore Pane II has served as managing Director of SQ4D, and most importantly as Chief inspiration Officer and of its predecessors, for approximately 7 years.