3D printed houses, commercial buildings, infrastructure, and more

We’re introducing a better way to build. With SQ4D’s ARCS line of construction 3D printers, the world now has a safe, affordable, and sustainable successor to outdated building methods.

Changing the way the world is built™

SQ4D builds full-size concrete houses and commercial structures faster, safer, and stronger, while dramatically reducing costs, using 3D printing technology.

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Close-up of 3D printed concrete walls

Changing the speed of building.

With ARCS by SQ4D, building full-scale homes is now possible in a matter of hours, not days or months.

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Close up of the lines on a 3D printed wall

Changing the quality of buildings.

ARCS’ 3D-printed-concrete compressive strength tests exceed the industry standard by double.

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Changing the cost of building.

ARCS operates at a fraction of the cost of what is currently believed to be necessary to build quality homes and structures.

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Changing the safety in building.

By automating construction, building with ARCS is safer for workers than any alternative.

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Changing the eco-impact of building.

Traditional construction is both wasteful and taxing on the environment.

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The homebuilding industry is on the edge of a revolution.


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Table and chairs in a 3D printed dining room

Our homes

The capabilities of the ARCS line of concrete 3D printers become immediately evident once stepping foot inside of an SQ4D printed home. Check out a few of our recent notable projects and see for yourself.

Low-Power Consumption

The current used on our ARCS 3D Printer is about the same as a standard hairdryer.

Sustainable Materials

Our unique building process strictly utilizes locally sourced, sustainable, abundant materials.

Zeero Waste™

Thanks to automation, any material used is calculated to extrude the exact specifications needed.

Saving the Planet

Introducing carbon entrapment, using reclaimed water, experimenting with recycled glass, and more.

Building for commercial

Our system gives us the scalability needed to execute larger, more complex commercial projects.

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Sketch of a section of the ARCS 3D printer

State-of-the-art rectangular tangential nozzle

Our patent-pending nozzle allows for increased precision, better stackability, reduced waste, and cleaner paths.

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