3D Printed Houses by SQ4D Inc.2022-04-22T23:15:15+00:00

SQ4D Inc.

3D Printed Houses by SQ4D

3D Printed Houses by SQ4D

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Got a question about 3D printed houses?

Changing the way the world is built™

Changing the way the world is built™

SQ4D 3D prints full-size concrete houses faster, safer, and stronger, while dramatically reducing costs.

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SQ4D’s Features

Exterior of an SQ4D 3D printed home

Recent Projects

The step-by-step process

Check out our step-by-step process of 3D-printing a home, from site prep and plumbing, all the way to the walls, windows, and doors.

Frequently asked questions.

We’re developing new technology, so it’s natural to have some questions. Here are a few that we hear often.

What is the lifetime of the printer?2021-06-15T20:55:31+00:00

The printer is built from aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel; the machine is rugged to last.

Is SQ4D a publicly traded company?2021-06-15T20:55:35+00:00

No, SQ4D is not currently a publicly-traded company. For investment opportunities, please visit our Investor Contact Page.

Can you tell me more about SQ4D’s ARCS 3D printer?2021-06-15T20:57:33+00:00

SQ4D has built a ruggedized gantry-style 3D printer capable of building full-sized commercial and residential structures. Our ARCS system was designed to outlast mother nature and all job sites. Our technology is not limited to buildings – if you can dream it, you can build it.


Faster than traditional construction methods


Reduction in total construction costs


PSI results of compressive strength tests


Total laborers required for entire print


Accelerated build times.


Unprecedented savings.


Building stronger structures.


OSHA recognized safety.

Producing affordable, quality sustainable housing.

Producing affordable, quality sustainable housing.

See how we’re getting it done.

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Low environmental-impact housing

SQ4D utilizes proprietary low-power consumption technology that makes the process of construction fundamentally more eco-friendly, safer, and reduces the use of invaluable resources.


Proof of concept print

SQ4D begins 3D printing test run structures and concept validation buildings.


Largest 3D printed home

In 2020, SQ4D completed construction of the then world’s largest permitted 3D-printed home.


First house for sale

SQ4D lists for sale the first 3D-printed home in the United States.

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