Changing the Way the World is Built

With ARCS by S-Squared, the way the world builds homes is about to change.

We Print Houses.

S-Squared 4D Commercial, a division of S-Squared 3D Printers Inc., has successfully developed a state-of-the-art eco-friendly concrete printer, revolutionizing the housing industry as we know it. With our technology, you can own fully customizable homes to your exact specifications, at a fraction of the price and time.

With our patent pending ARCS (Autonomous Robotic Construction System) 3D printer, we are leveraging cutting edge technology to solve the increasingly complex demand of today’s construction. ARCS provides the most safe, high quality, affordable, time efficient, and eco-friendly way to build today.

Our Mission

Our mission here at S-Squared 4D Commercial is to revolutionize the construction industry forever. We strive to reinvent how mankind handles the building of everything from homes and businesses, to roads and bridges, and everything in between. This type of outside-the-box thinking and action will reduce environmental impact, cut overhead costs, save lives, and prevent injuries. We’re a collection of specialists, engineers, designers, architects and futurists with a single goal in mind: To take the way buildings and structures are built, and radically change it from the inside out.

Our patent pending ARCS technology allows multiple machines to interact harmoniously, creating a home with little or no human assistance. Project delays are no longer a concern; printing a home is possible in hours – not days or months. In fact, ARCS is capable of printing homes 30 times quicker than the traditional methods.

The 3D building process ushers in a new level of affordability for homeowners and businesses alike. Our technology reduces construction costs by as much as 70%. This significant decrease in cost has the potential to have major implications on a humanitarian level as well. Homelessness due to the prices associated with home building should no longer be a reality.

All things considered, our mission to revolutionize the construction industry can be broken down into a few simple components; speed, safety, cost, and accessibility. ARCS has streamlined the home building process, printing houses at an incomparable rate. ARCS is safer than any alternative in terms of both the workers on site (even gaining recognition from OSHA for this feat), and the structure of the home itself. ARCS operates at a fraction of the cost of what is currently believed to be necessary to build a quality home. ARCS allows accessibility to print buildings ranging from 500 square feet to over 1 million square feet, and can be implemented essentially anywhere that a home can exist.

S squared team with a 3d printed house

Moving Forward

S-Squared 3D plans on building a network of hundreds of these machines, printing out tens of thousands of homes a year. Our humanitarian goal is to create homes for the less fortunate and impoverished regions. Construction costs in these third world countries can be as little as $2,000 for a 500 square foot home. These homes will be built with the potential to withstand hurricanes, tornadoes and virtually any act of God.

Our printers transport effortlessly, making the locations that we can print limitless. Given that ARCS technology for 3D printing homes is up to 30 times faster than traditional construction, we can move from site to site at speeds not yet seen in the world of home building. We plan on having numerous printers working simultaneously in various locations, exponentially increasing the rate at which homes will go up.

Engineered in the U.S.A.

Comprised of members of various industries and specializations, we here at S-Squared are committed to engineering and producing affordable, low environmental impact housing and structures using automated building methods, right at home in New York. Taking the core principles of 3D printing, we apply it to large scale projects and builds. This is what will change the housing sector, as well as public roads, bridges, and an almost endless variety of other structures.

Our team has a great deal of specialized experience in 3D printing, home building, and engineering, respectively; it was only logical to combine these skill sets. The constants that each team member has had throughout their careers are a passion for their work, and a natural propensity to break new ground.

Unveiling Soon

We’re excited to share our latest progress and innovations with the world. Check back often as we will constantly update the website with new content, images, video and news articles. For the latest information on S-Squared 4D Commercial, click the button below.

Project Neptune VR

Want to see the printer in action? Want to see and visit a home of the future? With Project Neptune VR, we’re bringing the whole experience right to the comfort of your own home. Learn and interact with our new machine, and see what we have in store for the future of printing homes!

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