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We’re developing new technology, so it’s natural to have some questions. This page should help you learn more about SQ4D, our tech, and the processes behind it all.

Can you tell me more about SQ4D’s ARCS 3D printer?2021-06-15T20:57:33+00:00

SQ4D has built a ruggedized gantry-style 3D printer capable of building full-sized commercial and residential structures. Our ARCS system was designed to outlast mother nature and all job sites. Our technology is not limited to buildings – if you can dream it, you can build it.

Is SQ4D a publicly traded company?2021-06-15T20:55:35+00:00

No, SQ4D is not currently a publicly-traded company. For investment opportunities, please visit our Investor Contact Page.

What is the lifetime of the printer?2021-06-15T20:55:31+00:00

The printer is built from aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel; the machine is rugged to last.

How is the cost of the project determined?2021-03-23T19:55:51+00:00

Cost is dependent on material, geographic location, and a few other factors.

How do I invest in companies 3D printing homes?2021-03-23T19:07:16+00:00

If you’re interested in investing in SQ4D, visit the Investor Contact page and fill out the form. A representative will be in touch to further assist you.

How long does it take to set up the printer?2021-03-23T17:06:56+00:00

With 2 workers, the printer can be set up in 6-8 hours with a Bobcat/Skidsteer. Plug it in, reference your print area, and go.

Does SQ4D print permanent structures?2021-03-22T20:53:19+00:00

Yes, SQ4D’s full-sized structures are permitted, permanent structures.

How do you fill the inner space between the 3D printed walls?2021-03-22T20:52:35+00:00

The inside of the printed walls can be filled with 3D printed geometry, or left open for insulation, utility install, structural columns, and other elements.

Can cupboards, appliances, etc. be hung on the walls?2021-03-22T20:52:00+00:00


Do you print foundations as well?2021-03-22T20:51:17+00:00


Does SQ4D print 2 story buildings?2021-03-22T20:50:43+00:00

As of right now, we are focused on printing single-story residences. We are underway with developing additional systems to achieve fully printed multi-story, multi-family homes.

What is the cost of materials?2021-03-22T20:34:55+00:00

Material cost is dependent on your area, supplier, and mix design. Contact us for more info.

What is the process for electric and plumbing installation?2021-03-22T20:06:54+00:00

Our process expedites this, but wiring and plumbing fixtures are conventionally installed. Eventually, our process will consolidate a position of this labor.

Can additives be used for printing?2021-03-22T20:01:45+00:00

Yes, additives can be used, but they are not necessary.

What is SQ4D?2021-03-22T19:22:56+00:00

SQ4D is a construction technology company excelling in 3D printing cementitious, livable structures.

Can you provide support regarding building codes?2021-03-22T19:22:07+00:00

We can help provide all information needed to a degree, but we also advise you to speak with your local planning board and a structural engineer.

What is your process of construction?2021-03-22T18:47:23+00:00

As of right now, ARCS constructs ~42% of the house. The 3D printer is erected on-site, 3D prints the footings/foundation, slab, and the exterior/interior walls of the given floorplan. We have covered these 3D printed walls with engineered roof-truss systems, and the remainder is finished off traditionally.

How do you achieve thermal insulation?2021-03-22T18:42:00+00:00

You will need to follow local building codes, but our structures allow for easy planning/implementation.

Are inclines or overhangs possible with 3D printing?2021-03-22T17:23:40+00:00

Yes, overhangs and inclines are absolutely possible with ARCS, it is mostly dependent on the mix design.

Is there an optimal printing environment?2021-03-22T16:42:08+00:00

The ARCS system is capable of operating in most weather conditions, but we do recommend avoiding printing in heavy rain or high winds as this can affect the concrete.

Can you extend the printing area?2021-03-22T16:40:43+00:00

Yes, the printing area can be adjusted in both length and width. The gantry moves on tracks and has an infinite Y-axis, with the X-axis ranging from 16-30’.

Can you provide any additional information regarding printheads and nozzles?2021-03-22T16:35:13+00:00

Our nozzles are typically 3D printed with recycled material on desktop 3D printers. We offer a variety of nozzle sizes, including the option for a tangential control nozzle for better layer quality. Better layer quality = less wall finishing.

What other materials can be used with the printer?2021-03-22T16:15:04+00:00

Our system can extrude virtually any printable material; we currently specialize in mortars/concrete.

What type of concrete/mortar do you use?2021-03-22T16:11:30+00:00

We use portland cement, aggregate (sand), and water.

What is the hardening time?2021-03-22T16:08:57+00:00

The hardening time is dependent upon the material/mix design, as well as some environmental factors. This can be adjusted for different builds.

How fast can you print/build?2021-03-22T15:48:51+00:00

This depends on the object being printed, as well as a few other variables. Our printer has a max speed of 1200 in/min. Average print speeds have been 400-700 in/min.

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