How to get a 3D printed house?

How to get a 3D printed house

You can buy a 3D printed house the same way you’d purchase a regular house.

A 3D printed house is built on a plot of land, with the option of being furnished, listed on realtor sites like Zillow, and booked for showings; the first 3D printed house was sold this year on Zillow.

The exciting news is that more 3D printed houses are on the way, and you can choose between already preplanned stock houses or fully custom 3D printed homes.

How do I purchase a 3D printed house?

The process to buy a 3D printed house is no different than buying a traditionally constructed house. Where the processes differ is if you’re looking to customize the home.

Depending on what you want to be customized, the ordering process may differ slightly. We work with buyers no matter the process, making sure the final print exceeds local and state code regulations.

From financing to closing, purchasing a 3D printed house follows the same process as any other house. The only difference is that you’ll be living in a legally habitable, environmentally friendly, cost-efficient house.

Shopping for a 3D printed house

3D printed houses come in a few different floor plans and layouts, all of which can be slightly tweaked to become your dream home.

Or, as it has already been mentioned, you can completely customize your 3D printed home by having a floor plan already in mind.

Check it out

You don’t need to wait to take a tour! We’ve made it possible to take a virtual tour of our demo home located in Calverton, NY.

Financing a 3D printed house

Despite the fact that 3D printed houses DO reduce your total costs by a substantial margin, you might not currently be in the position to pay for a house outright. The good news is you can finance a 3D printed house the same way you would a traditional house.

If you don’t have the cash, you can take out a mortgage on a 3D printed house the same way you’d take out a loan on a regular house. You’d have to go to a bank and apply for a mortgage or a loan.

On closing day, you’ll meet with your lawyer, a lender, the seller, and if applicable, the real estate agents. Your lawyer will go through paperwork with you, you’ll sign documents that officialize you as the homeowner, and voilà, you walk out with a key to your new 3D printed home.

Where can I buy a 3D printed house in the USA?

These types of houses have to adhere to certain state and county housing codes and laws. So while the goal is for 3D printed houses to be available everywhere in the United States, that may take a little time.

Availability is already limited and in high demand. If you are seriously interested in a 3D printed house, you’ll want to sign up on our waiting list as soon as possible.