How SQ4D Saves Time.

24 Hour Printing

Volume was a significant consideration when designing ARCS. Our machines do not generate the typical measure of noisiness associated with traditional construction, allowing for all-hours printing.

Set-Up Time

6-8 hrs

Faster Than Traditional


Inches Printed Per Minute


Building Speed.

When compared to traditional construction methods, the speed at which SQ4D builds is no contest. Even with a generous estimate of 8 weeks to build a 1,900 sq. ft. home, our 48 hour print time is unparalleled.

Designed To Cut Building Time.

SQ4D’s 3D printer capable of building full-sized commercial and residential structures was designed with speed in mind.

  • Homes are entirely printed on-site in a matter of hours.

  • The printer is fully set up and ready to print in 6-8 hours.

  • ARCS runs quietly, allowing for unintrusive 24-hour-printing.

  • Our machine handles footings, foundations, walls, etc., all-in-one.

  • Manual formwork is not necessary thanks to our printing process.

  • SQ4D’s automation removes the need for drilling holes for plumbing/electric.

Traditional Construction

  • Entire homes generally take several months to complete.

  • Set up is a highly involved process, comprising of various moving parts.

  • The typical noise level generated does not permit residential late night building.

  • All aspects are built independently from the next, delaying the entire process.

  • Formwork adds to the overall time and cost of a project.

  • Additional labor required by tradesman to prepare for electrical and plumbing.

Additional Features.


Operates at a fraction of the cost of what is currently necessary to build a quality home.


Our concrete compression strength tests exceed the industry standard by double.


By automating the building process, 3D printing is safer for workers than any alternative.