What is Project Neptune VR?

Project Neptune VR is the virtual reality demo of our main machine, the Project Neptune ARC. In this virtual reality simulation, users will be able to see the machine in action as if they were there. The demo also has an architectural walkthrough and tour of the Project Neptune’s pilot build, the home of the future. You will be able to see the home, inside and out, and explore all the rooms and layout of the home. This demo is used for promotional purposes and give potential investors and curiosity seekers a chance at a glimpse of the printer and home, from anywhere in the world, within the comfort of their own home.

What platforms will this be available on?

Upon release, this VR experience will be available only on the Steam VR/Vive platform, but will soon become more accessible on Oculus, GearVR and other VR & mixed reality platforms, as well as a non-VR demo available for PC & Mac.

The future of home building.

The future of the VR platform and our printer will see a complete ‘a la carte’ home building experience. Users will be able to choose a pre-defined home selection, and in that virtual space, be able to furnish and customize the home. The final selections will allow S-Squared’s technicians and engineers the ability to print and customize the home based on the parameters the customer chose in VR. This will revolutionize the way we build and customize new homes.

Coming Soon.

The Project Neptune VR experience is coming soon. Subscribe below for updates and links when it becomes available, and be one of the first to try the demo out!