How SQ4D Cuts Costs.


When building with wood or stone, constructing complex, custom structures is significantly more cost-intensive. With SQ4D, printing intricate designs are the same price as straight walls.

Workers Needed For ARCS


Cheaper Than Traditional


Fuel Per 500 sq. ft.

10 gal

Total Savings.

Comparing the finished total cost to build a home to that same home built by traditional methods, SQ4D saves an estimated 40% per structure.

Designed For Cost Reduction.

SQ4D’s 3D printer capable of building full-sized commercial and residential structures was designed with cost in mind.

  • Only 2-3 workers needed.

  • Unaffected by rising lumber costs.

  • Same price for complex designs.

  • Cheaper home allows for more budget flexibility with land.

  • Safer machine + less workers = low workers comp.

  • Minimize waste by extruding the exact amount of material needed.
  • Very small amounts of electricity and fuel needed for full job.

  • No need for manual formwork.

Traditional Construction

  • Many workers needed for single project.

  • Greatly affected by rising lumber costs.

  • Complex designs more expensive.

  • Expensive lots of land are out-of-budget with homes costing more.

  • Riskier building methods + more workers = higher workers comp.

  • Traditional construction methods generally produce plenty of waste.
  • Larger project cost and toll on the environment due to resources used.

  • Increased labor for manual formwork.

Additional Features.


With ARCS by SQ4D, building full-scale homes is now possible in hours, not days or months.


Our concrete compression strength tests exceed the industry standard by double.


By automating the building process, 3D printing is safer for workers than any alternative.