About S-Squared 3D Printers Inc.

S-Squared 3D Printers is a 3D printer manufacturing and service company based out of Long Island, NY. We’re committed to creating high quality, low cost 3D printers, machines, parts, and accessories for enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. We currently produce and engineer all of our parts and products in house. Whether you’re looking for your first 3D printer, or your fifth, you can find craftsmanship and dedicated support from our product lines.

S-Squared 3D Printers is also the home of SQ4D, the developers of ARCS, a large scale home printing machine that reduces build times of modern, eco-friendly homes, and will revolutionize the housing industry.

Notable Events

Phase 1

SQ4D Locates To Patchogue, NY

SQ4D moves into it’s own facility located in Patchogue, NY.

Engineers Hired

Engineers are carefully chosen to work on the design and construction of ARCS.

Smaller Scale Printer Created

A quarter-scale fully functioning version of the printer that would eventually become ARCS is created within our facility.

Replica 3D printer

Construction Begins

Construction begins on our full-scale 3D printer capable of building homes.

Completion of ARCS

Development of our full-size patent pending Autonomous Robotic Construction System (ARCS) technology was officially completed.

3D printer at night

Phase 2

Test Runs Begin

Initial test prints begin to calibrate and fine tune ARCS before first official full print.

Testing 3D printer

Concrete Fully Printed

Structure of the house completes printing.

Media Coverage

Home is left up for a press period for coverage on the accomplishment, including local, national, and global outlets. Check out the “Press” tab for links to some of the stories.

House Demolition

First house demo’d, planning to use recycled original materials for next print.

Phase 3

2nd Print

The plans for SQ4D’s 2nd official print are currently being finalized.

Before & After

Swipe left to see how the site of our very first print with ARCS looked once the house was constructed!

3D printer for homes 3D printed house with team

Press & Media Kit

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